Monday, January 12, 2009

The web2.0 RoadMap - Internet Marketing tips for you

Hi, Guys

So you hear about twitter , PPC , squidoo , facebook ,etc and you got lost , didn't you ....

You are probabily asking yourself: Where the Hell should I start ??

So I will try to give you a short overview ( and there is soo much info that be short is realy difficult ...... )

1 - You need to have your destination site or Capture Page , since these can be a litle bit stressfull for some newbies you can usualy use some affiliate sites or simple form . The main purpose of a CP is ( like the name say ) to capture the email of your prospect so you can keep marketing valued info for him all the time , and these is the key - If you want your list to keep growing you need to respect your prospecting by sending them only valued info
Click here to see my capture page in english

2 - Yourn marketing campaign - these are pre-written emails series that are sended to your leads using a autoresponder . I have being using aweber for a long time and it proofs to be a create tool and very easy to use


3 - It's show time !!! Now is the funny part .You start driving traffic and create relationship with your partners . There are a lot of tools that allow you to generate traffic and create relationship .
Here are some of them Google PPC , blogs , article marketing , SEO that are used to create trafic.
Very important are also the social newtworking like facebook , myspace , orkut that are used to social marketing & create relationships

Important - Never try to sell on your first page ....You have only one shoot , so it's better to send someone to a CP offering some free info that your prospect can't resist

Needless to say that no mather what , you never SPAM .

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Why to be a leader ??

To build in a web , at least for one aspect is not very different that on traditional business :

Someone will join your business because of YOU and not because of your products , comp plan , management team or whats'oever.

Remember people join people . And people are usualy atracted by the correct kind of person to join , in our case leaders - these is what we called the atraction law

So if you want to get more people being atracted by you you need to become these kind of leader.

Ok , but you just have started your business how can you be these leader ??Remember, that every flower was once a seed and every Big Man was once a baby ...So now you are a MLM baby and just need to start your development process.

So how you do it ? The best way is to start adding value to you . And in our industry the more you know , most value you have .

I have no idea of how much money I have spent in my MLM education , but what I know is that every good book that I raed payed for itself 10 times more .

So , it's your turn now , go find some great book Just For Today .A good start point is at

Have a great sucess,


Adriano Leszkowicz

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome to my blog

Hi, Guys

Here Adriano and I want to welcome you to my blog.
Here you will find great tips on how to build your business using the internet ( and a lot of english errors .....sorry ,english is my 4th language ).

So you probabily are asking : So what the hell should I hear you , Adriano ?

I will give you the short answer - Just because I did it and can show you how I did it .

In the last 3 years , I build a sales force of 28.332 distributors (correct for Jan, 10, 2008 ) and become on of the top leaders in my company.

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