Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Usefull Links - Internet Marketing

Hi, Folks

Thanks for everybody that have been in our workshop.Hope you enjoyed.
As we promisse here are some importants links.

If you have also good link , please send then to me and I will be happy to post then here
Wishing you all the Sucess & Love that you deserve

Till your sucess,


Links for beginer

Follow us at Free twitter eBook for begginers ( Adriano ) ( Yael ) TwitterGetter - great tool to get 1000's of followers

Social Media ( There are lots of sites like these , just add some of them )
============= ( for people interested in Brazil)

======= (easier ) (more complex ) ( Cafe the Marker - blog from yael - w/ great tips ) ( Adriano's blog with tips on internet marketing )

Mike Dilard
============ Magnetic Sponsoring Free Videos - highly recomended Black Belt recruting - Free videos on hwo to make phone calls

Links for medium level
======== - Get your grade at twitter

====== - allow you to shrink your URLs and also easy way get some statistics for free ( I have a basic payed plan - recomended )

Medium - Advanced ( more links to come...........LOL )
========= Autoresponder in english

Great book Social Media